11th August 2019

Emily & Gary

We entrusted you with our dreams for a perfect wedding and you didn’t let us down.
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To the South Farm team,

We just wanted to thank you for being the venue for our special day on the 11th August 2019. The smiles on the bride and grooms faces show how much they enjoyed their big bad and that is what is important. Everything on the day was dealt with efficiently and promptly due to your hard work, planning and attention to detail. We know that delivering an experience like this requires so much hard work behind the scenes by an army of people, from the front of house, Chefs, Event Managers, kitchen potters and cleaners and those working in the early hours of the morning to clean and set tables. We want to thank each and every member of the South Farm team because we know it is a team effort. However we would like to single out one person for a special mention, our event manager Emily. She was outstanding and was always there making sure everything ran smoothly but never in the way. She was there to show us around South Farm two years ago when we were looking for venues and it was fitting that she was the event manager on our big day. Thank you Emily.

We have so many wonderful memories of our wedding day which will last a lifetime. We entrusted you with our dreams for a perfect wedding and you didn’t let us down.

Thank you so much Gary Hitch, Emily Bundock-Hitch, Gary Bundock & Sandra Bundock

South Farm is truly a magical place!

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