11th August 2016

Is it better to hire or buy your shirt?

Helpful tips from Chimney Formal Menswear to solve your dilemma!
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Points to consider when either hiring or buying your smart white shirt to complement your suit:


  • Is the classic shape of the hire shirt a more relaxing fit for you especially if you expect to feel the heat during the event? Don’t be a slave to fashion, comfort is paramount on your important day.
  • Do you feel more stylish in a more tailored fit shirt? This may require you to buy rather than hire.
  • Single Cuff or Double Cuff? Double cuffs are more stylish for special events but require cufflinks.  However, your choice of cufflinks can allow you to express your personality.
  • Covered plackets hide the buttons but with evening wear you may prefer stud type buttons which can enhance the look.
  • Collar style. An Edwardian wing collar can add a little extra to the style of an outfit especially if you normally wear a standard collar to work.  It works well with both a tie and a cravat.  If you are not used to wearing a shirt then a standard collar may be smart enough for you.  Both styles are available to hire or buy.


  • If you have a white shirt already in your wardrobe be sure that it is stylish enough and won’t spoil the elegance of your suit and other accessories.
  • Is your shirt just for one occasion? If so, hire is probably the best option for you especially if you are unlikely to wear it again.
  • Will you wish to wear this type of shirt for more than one occasion? Purchasing will give you a useful item upon which you can fall back on for a variety of events.
  • Do you wish to freshen up part way through your day? Many grooms like the idea of having two shirts so that they can change and feel refreshed for events later in the day.  Beware, hiring shirts on their own can be more expensive than buying.  Hire your shirt with your suit but buy a second to change into.

A white shirt is an essential part of your tailoring. Consider the options carefully to feel confident on your special day.

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