17th October 2017

How to Dress Your Best Man

Once you have organised your own wedding suit, how do you decide what your Best Man should be wearing?
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Here are some suggestions to help you choose a style which reflects his importance but doesn’t overshadow you, as the Groom.

Firstly, let’s consider the important role of the Best Man on your wedding day. Amongst an array of duties he is at your side, driving you to the ceremony, ensuring all the guests are in the right place at the right time, overseeing that all goes smoothly and, of course, is the bearer of those all-important rings.  Therefore, it seems that his wedding outfit should elevate him above the rest of your groomsmen.

Despite this, one important factor must be considered.  As the Groom, whatever you wear must help you to stand out from all your groomsmen, including the Best Man.

However, there are ways to dress the Best Man well without him stealing your style:

  • If, as the Groom, you decide to wear a different 3-piece suit from the rest of your groomsmen, consider that the Best Man could wear a waistcoat to match yours.
  • A reflection of the role of the Best Man could also be shown by both of you wearing the same suit but with the Best Man wearing a waistcoat to match the rest of the party.
  • Some Grooms choose to dress only themselves and the Best Man in jackets.  The rest of the party are still looking dapper in just waistcoats.  This looks good if the ties/cravats and waistcoats all match.
  • If the Groom decides to wear a different colour tie, cravat or bow tie from the rest of the party, the Best Man could also wear the same colour but keep the rest of his outfit the same as the other groomsmen.
  • Wearing the opposite colour pocket square and tie from that of the Groom can also be a style adopted for the Best Man.
  • Another approach is to reserve a bow tie or cravat just for the Groom and the Best Man, leaving the rest of the groomsmen wearing ties.

However you choose to style your Best man, don’t forget that it is your day and your individual style must shine through, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t recognise the importance of your Best man and dress him accordingly.

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