7th September 2016

Solving Waistcoat Dilemmas

What is the purpose of a waistcoat?  Why should you choose to wear one?  Do you match it to your suit or wear one that contrasts?   There’s a lot to consider when finding the right waistcoat for your outfit and occasion.
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Here’s our top 5 tips on getting it right on the big day!

No matter what the occasion, wearing a waistcoat sets you apart.  It speaks volumes about you and your style but will only look good if the fit is right.

Waistcoats and special occasions

A suit with a waistcoat looks complete.  Worn without a waistcoat, a suit becomes just like every day work wear.  For a special occasion, wearing a waistcoat allows you to remove your jacket and yet still look smart, keeping the look streamlined and tidy.  A waistcoat that comes with lapels of its own adds a formal touch even without a jacket.

Tie vs. cravat

If you decide to wear a cravat, these are worn shorter than ties, so a waistcoat allows the cravat to be tucked inside to prevent an unhappy balance of white shirt on display.

Choosing a waistcoat for corporate events

Match your waistcoat to your suit for a more corporate look or maybe a more ‘low key’ wedding but, to embrace the flamboyance of a very special occasion, the contrasting waistcoat is a must and allows you to express your personality and style especially if you are a key member of a wedding party.

Getting the right fit

Don’t let your body type cause problems of finding a good fitting waistcoat.  If you have an athletic torso you will need to ensure your waistcoat is not too snug a fit across your chest but this can mean a baggy fit around your slim waist.  Now the magic of the sliding adjuster, at the back waist line, comes into play.  This allows the waistcoat to be cinched in to create a much more tailored fit.

Waistcoats for taller men

The problem of a good fit can also be experienced by taller men with a long torso.  Waistcoats should always be long enough to lap over the waistband of your trousers. A short waistcoat which allows your shirt to poke out from underneath is not a good look, especially when the photo lives with you for the rest of your life!  Chimney Formal Menswear have longer length waistcoats which are available in Regular, Long and Extra Long so do ask to try them on and see the difference they can make.

What makes our waistcoats even more attractive is that they are all British made and have that rare but most satisfying of labels inside – ‘Made in England’.

Don’t regret not taking advice on how and what to wear on your wedding day.  Come and see the welcoming staff at Chimney Formal Menswear and we can help you with your style dilemmas.

Happy memories are the most important things we hold, thank you again.

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