Jamie Walker Celebrant

I am Jamie Walker, a wedding celebrant creating non-religious modern ceremonies

My passion is creating a perfect ceremony that reflects you as the fun and relaxed couple that you are. I listen to your love story, find out about your passions and values and discover why you want to celebrate your love for each other.

Together we craft a ceremony with tons of personality in a tone that speaks to you.

You might want nods to tradition or culture, you might want to include friends and family or your pets. Rituals such as vow and ring exchanges, handfastings or candle lighting can be as emotional or light hearted as you like. Creative ideas are welcomed and I find that your story will really lead the way with creating new and exciting elements that are authentic to you.

I really take the time to find out exactly where you want the nuances to fall in your ceremony so that you and your guests feel that it is a complete reflection of the two of you.

Because no two ceremonies are alike we spend a lot of time together planning. This could be over email, telephone, zoom, coffee, lunch or dinner, my place, your place and sometimes at the venue itself. It really is very much led by the two of you. I am very flexible and happy to work with you in any way that suits you.

I will guide you through the whole process of structuring your ceremony, writing your ceremony script, assisting you with writing your vows if you need it. I will also liaise with any friends or family who wish to be involved. I would be absolutely delighted to chat with you about your ceremony at South Farm and to create something for you that is full to bursting with love and joy!

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