Kelly Hawes Celebrant

Hi, I’m Kelly – a modern Celebrant based in Hertfordshire.  I create very personal, one-of-a-kind wedding ceremonies for fun-loving couples where a standard ceremony just won’t do!

Let’s make sure your ceremony screams of your personality!  We are all unique and that’s why your ceremony should be too.  We will meet face to face so that I can get to know your individual characters, as well as understanding how you show your love to each other.  My aim is to understand your individual personalities and how you express love for each other.  We’ll cover every aspect of your ceremony, exploring numerous options – though if a traditional setup is your preference, that’s absolutely okay too!

I’ve been creating ceremonies since 2017, have been honoured with various awards; most recently Celebrant of the Year – East of England in The Wedding Industry Awards (2022 & 2023), both took me to the Nationals and I was delighted to come away with a win in 2023 of Highly Commended Celebrant.  You might even have spotted me officiating ceremonies on Married at First Sight (E4) for the last few years too!

With me there are no rules, no do’s and don’ts and no right or wrong.  Tell me what you want, or don’t want, and we will discuss this to ensure the ceremony flows beautifully to suit your vision.  We’ll communicate extensively in the months leading up to your big day while we perfect your ceremony – and no, there won’t be endless forms for you to fill out.  Who has time for that, right?

A wedding ceremony is a true celebration of love, so in my book it shouldn’t be boring or stuffy but fun, joyful and celebratory.  A celebration where you and your guests will feel totally relaxed, and hopefully grinning from ear to ear.  I will encourage you to be your true selves, not using language that doesn’t resonate with you, or doing anything that will make you feel uncomfortable.

Here are some ways I can add that special touch to your ceremony:

  • Raise a toast with your favourite drink.
  • Include your pets, kids, family or friends.
  • You can include religious or spiritual content – I can even blend two faiths into one ceremony if you have different beliefs.
  • We can even have a sing-a-long (though I will definitely be miming!)
  • Not keen on being in the spotlight?  I’ve got solutions for that too.
  • If you are true romantics and wish to make big displays of affection throughout the ceremony – go for it, but if this makes you cringe – we will avoid at all costs!
  • Consider props to symbolise your joining; hand tying, candles, sand, planting, love letters – I’ve even used handcuffs before, to show there’s no getting away!

Rest assured, with my experience and caring nature, you and your ceremony will be in safe hands.  Together, we’ll craft something truly meaningful and unforgettable.  Your guests will be reminiscing about it for years to come.

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