Matthew Le Mottee – Master of Mystery

I make weddings exciting, fun and more memorable than you could imagine. I use original, fresh and exciting TV style magic to make your wedding the one that everyone is talking about.

Hello I’m Matthew,

My style is very different from the norm, I have a vast and varied repertoire doing impossible things with fire, money, mobile phones, bottles and borrowed rings, and even read minds to give people a unique magical experience that you cant find anywhere else. My look stands out from the crowd with a crisp fitted suit, freshly shined shoes and my trademark cravat. My style is classy, polite and fun.

Magic is my passion, I have experienced truly unique reactions and incredible emotional responses to what I do from people all around the World, from screams of surprise and gasps of disbelief to awe induce silence and tears of joy. Each time I perform my goal is to create a one of a kind experience not available anywhere else.

It’s not really about the tricks it’s about making your wedding the talk of the town!

When to have me:

During the drinks reception
Between the courses of the wedding breakfast

Weddings have intervals when there is a loss of momentum; it’s a long day after all. I can transform these moments into smooth transitions and exciting highlights of the day!


My flexibility and portability allow the Bride and Groom to fully relax in the knowledge their guests are being looked after throughout their special day!



m: 07816 079742

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